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DATA I/O CORPORATION. - Device Programmers
Manual & Automated Device Programming Systems - NAND FLASH - NOR Flash - PROM - EPROM - EEPROM - PIC - PLD - Inline Production Programmers - Gang Programmers - High-speed Programmers - High Density Device Programmers - Enter Here or Call . . . 800-426-1045 . . . or . . . 425-881-6444

ADAPTABLE SOCKETS, INC. - Scranton, PA - - Program your next SMT programmable logic devices using our ADAPTABLE SOCKETS BOARD. Save money by programming various PLD brands or even different chip families from the same manufacturer, with different pinouts & supply voltage - Only a single adapter required! All you need is the manufacturer's supplied download cable with sofware.
(570)961-3535, E-mail: Custom@AdaptableSockets.com Request a quote

ADAPTERS-PLUS, INC. - Tracy, CA - - designers and manufacturer of cutting edge interconnect solutions for SMT and thru-hole applications. IC SOCKETS & ADAPTERS for BGA, LGA, PGA, CSP, PLCC, DIP, TSOP, TSSOP, SSOP, packages. IC package conversion for programming and prototyping, emulation, and a wide variety of board to board connectors and terminals. OEM custom designs available.
(209)839-0200, Fax: (209)839-0235, E-mail: Sales@Adapt-Plus.com Request a quote

ADVIN SYSTEMS, INC. - Sunnyvale, CA - - Programming instruments since 1986, now into our third generation of products, providing better features and reliability at lower cost. Universal DEVICE PROGRAMMERS and gang programmers - Complete and systematic solutions. Adapters, gang modules, EPROM, EEPROM, PIC, and flash programmers, UV EPROM erasers.
(888)462-3846, (408)243-7000, Fax: (408)541-9006, E-mail: Info@Advin.com Request a quote

ALLTEMATED, INC. - Arlington Heights, IL - - One-stop component preparation services, setting the standard for tape and reel packaging, IC programming, bake and dry-pack services, and carrier tape manufacturing. Additional service include board Rework, component reclamation, cable and harness assemblies, and more. Providing aggressive same day service, on-demand capacity and superior performance at competitive prices every time. .

(847)394-5800, Fax: (847)394-5805, E-mail: Steveh@Alltemated.com Request a quote
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ANDROMEDA RESEARCH LABS. - Milford, OH - - Ask about our EPROM+ - A DEVICE PROGRAMMING SYSTEM for bench and field.
(513)831-9708, Fax: (513)931-7562, E-mail: arlabs@worldnet.att.net Request a quote

BPM MICROSYSTEMS - Houston, TX - - Setting the standard since 1985, BP Microsystems now accelerates device programming with the 3710 and 4710 - The seventh generation device programmers with C3 performance enhancements. Increased device density up to 4 gigabits. Over 20,000 devices supported with our full line of online & offline device programmers.
(800)225-2102, (713)688-4600, Fax: (713)688-0920, E-mail: web@BPmicro.com Request a quote

CONITEC DATASYSTEMS - San Diego, CA - - 65% market share. Ultra-compact, diminutive PALMSIZE PROGRAMMERS. Dual powered - with Universal I/O. 7600+ devices. Top performance at 1/5 competitor prices. 8/16-bit EPROM, EEPROM, 0-Power RAM, Flash-EPROM, Serial EEPROM, GAL, PALCE, EPLD, MCU's - 87/89xxx, PIC, AVR, ST62, etc.
(619)702-4420, Fax:(619)702-4419, E-mail: Contact@Conitec.net Request a quote

DATA I/O CORPORATION - Redmond, WA - - Manual and automated DEVICE PROGRAMMING SYSTEMS that specifically address the requirements of engineering and manufacturing customers. Programmers for NAND FLASH, NOR Flash, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, PIC, PLD. Our Connected Programming Strategy optimizes programming from design through manufacturing by creating a networked solution that connects to engineering, manufacturing, and the supply chain.
(800)426-1045, (425)881-6444, Fax: (425)882-1043 , E-mail: Info@DataIO.com Request a quote

DATAMAN PROGRAMMERS, INC. - Orange City, FL - - 25 years experience in manufacturing and supporting memory and logic programming equipment. Our S4 programmer & emulator is the world's best-selling handheld EPROM programmer. We also supply low voltage, universal and gang programmers backed by a wide range of adaptors and accessories.
(904)774-7785, Fax:(904)774-7796, E-mail: Sales@Dataman.com Request a quote

EE TOOLS, INC. - Sunnyvale, CA - - Production and development DEVICE PROGRAMMERS - Gang programmers, EPROM emculators, EPROM erasers, NAND Flash programmers. Adapters and modules in stock, available for immediate delivery. Located in the Silicon Valley, EE Tools was originally founded in 1992 as an embedded system product consulting and distributing company for the microprocessor development tools industry.
(408)734-8184, Fax : (408)734-8185, E-mail: Support@EEtools.com Request a quote

INTRONICS, INC. - Edwardsville, KS - - Our PORTABLE PROGRAMMER uses the printer port instead of an internal card. Easy to use software programs EPROMS & EEPROMS, Flash & Dallas Ram. 25/27/28 & 29 series from 16K to 8 Megabit. Adapters available for 874X, 875X MCUs, PIC, Serial EPROMs, 40-pin X 16, PROMS and more.
(800)339-5152, (913)422-2094, Fax : (913)441-1623. Request a quote ....

IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS - Burnsville, MN - - PROGRAMMING ADAPTERS to facilitate the programming of PROM, PLD, EPROM, EEPROM or PAL devices on programmers or ATE equipment with DIP sockets. We support PLCC, LCC, PGA, SOIC (including TSOP), FP, BGA and QFP packages. Sockets & adapters designed to provide access to, or conversion of IC device signals. Free catalog:
(800)404-0204, (952)229-8200, Fax: (952)229-8201, E-mail: Info@IronwoodElectronics.com Request a quote

LOGICAL DEVICES, INC. - Denver, CO - - A major innovator and supplier of cost effective device programming tools since 1980. DEVICE PROGRAMMERS for programming EPROMs, PALs, PLDs, FPGAs, Microcontrollers, Flash EEPROMS, etc. Logical has been an OEM supplier of tools for such companies as Philips, ATMEL, Xilinx, SGS Thompson, Plus Logic, Texas Instruments.
(303)861-8200, Fax: (303)813-9019, E-mail: Sales@LogicalDevices.com Request a quote

MICRO ENGINEERING LABS, INC. - Colorado Springs, CO - - specializing in PICmicro microcontroller (MCU) development tools that make working with PICmicro MCUs quicker and easier. Products include compiler software, DEVICE PROGRAMMERS, experimenter and prototyping boards, books, and more. Offering several product bundles to get you started quickly and can also help with custom OEM designs and programming.
(719)520-5323, Fax: (719)520-1867, E-mail: Support@MElabs.com Request a quote

OPC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. / MINATO - Grass Valley, CA - - Let OPC Technologies program your devices. Small lots and quick turn, custom automation for high volume and low cost. Our programming centers are your partners to cost effectively implementing your programmable vision. Exclusive North American distributor for Minato Electronics. MANATO PROGRAMMERS are proven production tools in factories worldwide.
(530)271-1124, Fax: (320)205-3036, E-mail: Info@opct.com Request a quote

PROGRAM AUTOMATION - Lake Forest, CA - - Independent service company, in business for 30 years, dedicated to IC & device programming and kitting services. Our customers include OEMs, contract manufacturers, component distributors and other resellers. Package types include TSOPs, PLCCs, µBGAs, MLFs, SOICs, TO-92, TSSOPs and others. We will expedite your device programming in a timely, professional manner.
(949)859-8200, Fax: (949)859-3677, E-mail: stan@progauto.com Request a quote

SEMIPACK SERVICES, INC. - Jacksonville, FL - - Component preparation and packaging solutions. Tape & reel packaging - lead forming - lead straightening - component baking to remove moisture prior to assembly - BGA rework to reball defective BGA chips - DEVICE PROGRAMMING - More! Working for contract manufacturers, component distributors, and end-user OEMs. Our services are conducted in accordance with IS9001/QS9000 standards .
(888)876-PACK, (904)733-3755, Fax: (904)733-9664, E-mail: Bwattson@SemiPack.com Request a quote

XELTEK, INC. - Santa Clara, CA - - Manufacturers of a family of low-cost EPROM PROGRAMMERS, gang programmers, PIC programmers, AVR programmers, universal programmers, and IC programmers. Since 1991, providing a complete range of solutions from engineering development through volume production. Our products are sold through distributors worldwide and directly on our online store.
(408)530-8080, Fax: (408)530-0096 , E-mail: Info@Xeltek.com Request a quote ..... ...
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XILINX, INC. - San Jose, CA - - With superior FPGA and CPLD PRODUCTS, Xilinx is the leader in the digital programmable logic device (PLD) market. These devices represent an exciting growth potential in the chip market thanks to their flexible nature and ability to change functionality even after being manufactured.
(408) 559-7778, Fax: (408)559-7114 , E-mail: Info@xilinx.com Request a quote

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