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ATS CASES - Shipping Cases / Carrying Cases
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About Shipping Cases & Carrying Cases ~ by: George Pachter, TDE

Shipping Cases - Shipping cases are widely used by individuals to protect a variety of property during transportation from one place to another. In some situations, the individuals are particularly concerned with protecting their property because of either the fragile nature of the property, which allows it to be damaged easily, or because of the high value of the property. In these situations, individuals prefer to pack their property in shipping cases that provide a high degree of durability and security. In all situations, however, individuals desire shipping cases that provide convenient handling.

During transportation, shipping cases are subjected to a wide range of handling methods and are oftentimes outside of the owner's immediate control for long periods of time. One such example involves the use of air transportation for shipping property from place to place. As people familiar with the air transportation business know, a shipping case is usually moved between a number of intermediate storage places by a variety of handling systems before the shipping case finally reaches its destination. The various intermediate storage places can include storage at airport terminals, distribution and sorting stations, transportation trucks, and the cargo holds of airplanes. Likewise, the handling systems usually include a significant amount of manual handling and can also include automatic sorting systems.

Shipping case manufacturers have attempted to satisfy this need for durability, security, and handling convenience with a number of different features. For example, in addressing durability, the U.S. government has published a specification which provides a number of guidelines that should be followed in designing shipping cases to ensure high durability. This specification has been adopted by the general industry and is now referred to as Air Transport Association of America Specification 300. One guideline included in this industry specification requires that the handles, latches, and locks be recessed below the outer surface of the shipping case to ensure that protruding objects do not become snagged during handling. Another requirement is that the handles remain firmly against the sides of the shipping case so that they are not allowed to flop loosely during handling.

The concern for security has been addressed with a variety of locking devices and latches. Locking devices can include either key locks or combination locks. In some situations, individuals prefer combination locks because this allows them to transport a shipping case to another person and transfer the unlocking code to the other person either orally or in a writing. In other situations, individuals prefer key locks because the key can be retained with the person and an unlocking code does not need to be memorized. Security concerns also require latches that firmly keep the shipping case closed during abusive handling. Typically, turnbuckle latches are provided along each end of the open side of the shipping case to ensure that the shipping case does not accidentally pop open during handling.

Handling convenience is usually addressed by providing several handles in different locations. Commonly, one handle is provided on the long side of the shipping case, and another handle is provided on the small side of the case. Other handling devices are sometimes provided like rolling wheels and extendible tow handles.

Carrying Cases - Carrying cases for use in transporting various articles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These portable protective carrying cases have a tough and rigid outer housing and an inner cushioned case in which an item is safely retained. Some carrying cases are specifically configured for organizing, transporting, and storing specific instruments, such as musical instruments, computers, and scientific instruments.

Conventionally, instrument carrying cases for musical instruments, such as violins, clarinets, guitars and the like, comprise an instrument receiving chamber and a lid, usually hinged to a side of the case, for opening the case to the chamber within so that the instrument can be removed or placed therein. Often such cases have an interior compartment with a flap or other such lid which opens, from a portion of the chamber, to receive accessories such as picks, tuners or the like.

ATS CASES, INC. - Northborough, MA - - - ATS Cases is a manufacturer of Custom Carrying Cases for Laptops, photo, video and medical equipment, field service, sales presentation and any other hand carry / storage applications. Cases are made from rugged high density polyethylene or premium ABS plastic. They feature high quality hardware and custom die cut foam inserts.
(800)451-4242, (508)393-9110, Fax: (508)393-9508, E-mail: Request a quote

EDAK, INC. - Melbourne, FL - - Designers and manufacturers of standard and OEM custom aluminum transit housings for rack and flange mount electronic equipment needing protection from shock, vibration, water, dust, etc. Aluminum cases designed for general shipping purposes, temperature controlled and lightweight cases engineered to withstand the severity of field operations, military, and commercial transport.
(321)674-6804, Fax: (321)674-6217, E-mail: Request a quote

SIERRA CASES - Aurora, CO - - Leading distributor and integrator of top quality, rugged shipping and rack mount cases. We protect sensitive electronics and equipment for military, government, aerospace, telecommunications, and industrial applications. As a value added distributor for multiple manufacturers our engineers will design a case the way you want it, since customization is our specialty.
(888)880-7728, (720)870-4500, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Request a quote


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Shipping Cases
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