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Nicollet Technologies ~ Custom Transformers & Inductors
Standard & OEM Custom Transformers up to 50kVA - Prototype to Production - Isolation Transformers: Step-up/Step-down - Auto transformers: Single Phase to 40kVA, Three Phase to 50kVA - Current Limiting Transformers: up to 1000VA - Ferro-resonant Transformers (CVT) - Toroidal Transformers: Power up to 10kVA, Diameters from 1/2" I.D. to 17" O.D. - Inductors / Chokes & Coils - Electronic Ballast Systems (EBS) - More! Click Here to Enter or Call (612)379-7919 . . .

1 NATION ELECTRONICS - Oldsmar, FL - - System integration for a number of levels of telephony and COMPUTER TELEPHONY applications as: VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions, TAPI solutions for the Nortel product lines, Unified Messaging applications, LAN Telephony with Nortel solutions, and more. Also providing Windows 2000 implementation and Microsoft Exchange migration.
(866)550-8804, (813)349-6852, Fax: (813)349-6839, E-mail: Request a quote

A-D ELECTRONICS, INC. - Holland, MI - - Complete electronic system integration services. Click above to visit our website and return to this listing later for a complete description of our services.
(800)265-3016, (616)994-6047, Fax: (616)994--7264, E-mail: Request a quote

APEX EMBEDDED SYSTEMS - Monona, WI - - System integration and OEM data acquisition product customization available for our board level ruggedized COTS PC/104 analog and digital I/O products, operating at temperature extremes from -40C to +85C. Low noise analog inputs with deep sample memories. Software compatibility offers a drop-in solution with existing software.
(608)256-0767 , Fax: (608)256-0765, E-mail: Request a quote

CamSoft Corporation - Lake Elsinore, CA - - CNC Professional, CNC Plus & CNC Lite are PC-based CNC MACHINE TOOL CONTROLLER software and/or hardware toolkits for creating your own controller for any 2 to 8 axes CNC machine tool. Graphical Operator Interface software is a shortcut to developing a man-machine interface for all general automation applications.
(909)674-8100, Fax: (909)674-3110, E-mail: Request a quote

CompuStation - Newport Beach, CA - - Let us integrate your products into our NEMA 12 rated, RUGGEDIZED ENCLOSURES. Perfect for industrial computers and computer-based instruments. Please visit our Website now and return later to read our product description here.
800-600-6829, (714)979-7671, Fax: (714)979-1859, E-mail: Request a quote

CORVALENT - Cedar Park, TX - - Corvalent is a leading industrial designer and custom manufacturer of durable, revision controlled, long-life, industrial motherboards and computer systems. All Corvalent systems are manufactured and supported in the USA. Products carry a 7-10 year production life-cycle guarantee, ensuring manufacturers a reliable, long-term supply of dependable, high quality computing technology.

(512)456-2400, Fax: (512)456-2404, E-mail: Request a quote
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ELECTRIC DEVICE CORPORATION - Canfield, OH - - We are a comprehensive integrator of electronic, electro-mechanical and mechatronic systems. We maintain a complete staff of electrical, mechanical and software engineers to take full responsibility for tunrkey projects. Our MODULAR SYSTEM DESIGNS employ Lean Manufacturing concepts.
(800)533-5399, (330)533-1111, Fax: (330)533-2639, E-mail: Request a quote

IIS - INDUSTRIAL INDEXING SYSTEMS - Victor, NY - - Independent control systems integrator, specializing in factory-floor systems for demanding industrial applications. We design and supply complete pre-engineered systems, including controllers, motor, drives, feedback devices, power supplies, cables and NEMA enclosures in single or mullti-axis versions, pre-programmed or user-programmable. We support our systems completely, and guarantee system level performance.
(585)924-9181, Fax: (585)924-2169, E-mail: Request a quote

INTEC AUTOMATION INC. - Victoria BC, Canada - - Our development and control software suite allows you to quickly create and deploy automated control solutions... even OVER THE INTERNET . Using a new, simplified approach to programming today's popular microcontroller, "microCommander" builds powerful automation and control solutions faster and easier than ever before.
(866)721-5150, (250)721-5150, Fax: (250)721-4191, E-mail: Request a quote

LLT BAR CODE & LABEL - Stow, OH - - Looking for a BAR CODE system integrator? Print, scan and collect data with equipment and supplies from LLT. Extensive availability of thermal printers, scanners, PDTs, labels and ribbons to set up a bar coding system from scratch. Offering assistance to your specified needs.
(800)882-4050, (330)689-3930, Fax: (800)395-4721, E-mail: Request a quote

NOREN PRODUCTS, INC. - Menlo Park, CA - - Our entire line of CABINET COOLERS are used to integrate and package electronics in such a way that air conditioning does not have to be used to remove heat from the enclosed electronic panels.
(650)322-9500, Fax: (650)324-1348, E-mail: Request a quote

SBT DESIGNS - San Antonio, TX - - Sales and installation of commercial and industrial automation and controls, accent lighting and renewable energy products and systems for convenience, safety and energy savings. Trained by Honeywell, we bring 27 years of certification, education, training and experience in computers, electronics and power systems to our business endeavors.
(210)698-7109, Fax: (210)698-7147, E-mail: Request a quote


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